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Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity Inspection & Consulting

LTL can help you design and/or perform inspections as part of your mechanical integrity/quality assurance program in accordance withOSHA Regulation 1910.199. Our inspectors are versed in current State and Federal jurisdictional requirements as well as the latest editions of accepted industry standards. These include, but are not limited to API (American Petroleum Institute), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and the NBIC (National Board Inspection Code).

PSM Consulting

We utilize the latest methods and equipment including the IRIS ultrasonic inspection system, as well as a variety of conventional NDT techniques. Each job is planned, directed and overseen by a qualified inspector certified to perform inspections to API and other industry standards.

Typical Industries Served:

  • Petrochemical

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Specialty Chemical

  • Food and Pharmaceutical

  • Power Generation & Utilities

Do you Comply?

OSHA Regulation 1919.119 "Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals" mandates that manufactures and/or processors using any one of almost 150 chemicals, flammable liquids,  or gasses in their process must insure the safety of their employees against the consequences of a catastrophic release of toxins.

Companies are therefore responsible for maintaining a written Mechanical Integrity plan of action which includes a process hazard analysis, equipment history with original manufacturers data, and complete inspection records of all the systems containing these materials.

Failed Tank

Here's How We Can Help!

We help you establish a base-line on the applicable systems, show you how to have current and relevant safety inspection data available, and help you schedule periodic updates to your systems and information.

Qualified Personnel:

  • API 510, 653 & 570 Certified inspectors

  • ASNT-TC Certified examiners

  • PADEP Certified inspectors

  • EPRI Certification for IRIS inspection system

  • AWS/CWI Certified inspectors

  • Materials Engineers & Metallurgists



Ultrasonic Inspection

Comprehensive Inspections:

  • Pre-inspection review of original manufacturers drawings, equipment history, and previous inspection data and reports.

  • Full inspection of equipment utilizing NDT methods in accordance with customer requirements and standard specifications.

  • Detailed post inspection packages and recommendations.

  • Utilization of PIPE software for maintaining inspection records and reports.   


  • Assessments

  • Action Plans

  • Manuals, Procedures, and training

  • Professional services recommendations

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